American Purple Heart Artist Print
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American Purple Heart Artist Print

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Our LIMITED EDITION Artist Canvas American Purple Heart Honor Print -- PERSONALIZED with YOUR NAME and WAR FOUGHT 

If you don't want your name and war  on the print, JUST PUT BLANK

America, This Land is Your Land, This Land in My Land, Because of those who fought to Defend Her

The Artist Prints come in two sizes Large 10" x 16" and Extra Large 16" x 24" they are Framed with a full 1.5" image wrap on all four sides.

Designed to be hung in VSO, City Hall, or other Public places and  Most definitely in Your Home

THESE ARE 100% MADE USA all the way down to the screws used to mount the hangers on the back

This is a High Def Image of an Artist Painting and is so detailed you can almost feel the eagles feathers.

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